PU7 Arm

The PU7

We are authorised distributors for the PU7 and aim to keep PU7 arms in stock (in both Silver and Black finishes with Linn mount) to supply our customers in the shortest possible time. Rega mount arms also available – please enquire.

The PU7 is the top offering from Johnnie ‘J7’ of Audio Origami. The PU7’s performance belies its fairly modest cost in comparison with other new arms in the top league and is the result of years of development and precision manufacturing of the highest quality. Every aspect of the arm bears witness to the almost obsessive attention to detail of its maker. Many will recognise similarities with the Syrinx PU3 where the design had its origins; however build quality and performance are in a new league.

Prices from £3000 minus part exchange for your current arm (whatever it is) – please enquire.