Thorens TD1600 & TD1601 Turntable

We are pleased to be amongst the first to offer the new Thorens TD1600 & 1601 Turtntables.

TheTD1600 version is fully manual in its operation and requires hand queuing at both the beginning and end of the record side, whereas the 1601 version offers an enhanced version of Semi-automatic operation, where the lift is initiated optically at the end of the record side, and the platter motor is shut off at the same moment. Both models have a choice of either single ended or balanced (XLR) outputs for connection into a phono stage .

Externally, although the two models are visually quite similar to the famous and well respected TD160 series, the updated versions have an all new classical wooden plinth, a two-part platter assembly with belt drive to the inner platter, and a thick heavily damped branded rubber mat. These features will be familiar to anyone who knew the classic versions.

Some important and fundamental changes have occurred in the engineering of the new versions of this classic pair of TD1600 and TD1601.

The new models represent a step change in the way these turntables now work in terms of their conceptual DNA. For instance the main sub-chassis now sits on conical compression isolation springs, these are now mounted on precise locations in the new more stable baseboard. The inversion of the sub chassis isolation system unloads the top plate, and allows for a more stable and controlled platform from which the factory TP92 arm and cartridge can perform at their best.

As part of the innovative engineering of these two new players, a flexible stranded cable fits between the base and the sub-chassis, opposing the drive belt tension, and acts to stabilise any unwanted movement in the sub-chassis, elegantly creating a more ideal ‘pistonic’ bounce to the suspension system.

It has been through the fluent and skilful use of modern CAD based design and complementary CNC manufacturing techniques, that the modern iterations of this classic Thorens turntable design have been so coherently reimagined for the 21st century, and so we at The Audio Files are very pleased to champion this great Hi-Fi brand with these two important and affordable new High Performance turntable designs.

The Audio Files had both of these fantastic new Turntables playing at the 2019 Audio Show in Leamington Spa in September and they received much admiration.