Servicing and Repair

The Linn Sondek is a wonderful piece of engineering but like any finely balanced system, it can’t be expected to stay in shape for ever without at least a little bit of attention.
Most Linn Sondeks were made in the 1980s and whether they have been in continuous or intermittent use since then, most will benefit from a tune-up.

Over time:
• Springs sag
• Rubber grommets harden
• Screws & nuts come loose
• The belt stretches and perishes
• The motor pulley collects rubber and dirt
• The main bearing may lack lubrication or become excessively worn

Our typical service involves:

• Remove arm & base
• Strip down cross–brace, suspension, subchassis
• Clean out and inspect main bearing
• Clean and inspect all parts to be retained
• Clean/polish plinth if required
• Reassemble with new suspension parts
• Mount cartridge
• Remount arm
• Set initial suspension level
• Fix new P clip and dress arm cable
• Set up suspension for perfect bounce
• Test and Audition
• Demonstrate to customer (if collecting in person)

All for £85 including parts and labour

Other service options include:

• Cirkus Upgrade
• Lid restoration
• Valhalla Upgrade, Refurbishment or Replacement
• Fitting of Lingo
• Cartridge fitting

Please contact us to discuss.

Getting to us

In person:
We are based in Crowthorne, Berkshire (RG45) and handy for drop-off in person if you live in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire.

We also do a collection and delivery service for 40p per mile for the round trip – so if, for example you live 40 miles away, collection will be £32 which is about what it would cost to send it suitably insured.

By post:
Contact us to discuss packaging the necessary parts of your turntable. It is not necessary to send it all and we can supply packing materials if required.